"Aus" Magazine, August-September 2002, Moscow, Russia

The Music of Colour of Polina Balakina

The colourful kaleidoscope of the works of Polina Balakina can't be described without such phrases as: "itensive-intuitive concept of thought" - the awkward creative forses that emerge from the inside of our consiuosness and preserve the mysterious images of the architype within. The ones that unite the modern de-urbanised man with his primogenitors.

One of those lovely sunny days, an exposition of paintings by a young and original artist, Polina Balakina, has taken place in the Sexton club in Moscow. "I did not study art professionally, that is why, perhaps, I do not feel myself limited by any rules", - says Po Lina. And it is true, such a freedom in experiments with colour, such a dareness in creation of fantastic ornamets, which reveal animal figures and clusters of vivid snakes, can be only achieved by a very open-minded person. Beasts in the interpretation of Po Lina look like flowers. She loves nature and everyone can find something intimate, conformable and native in her works...  Po Lina also paints realistic still lifes with beautiful bottles, pictoresque fishes, abstract melodies of colour. "I never plan what I will paint, - says the artist,- sometimes I do a sketch of one thing, but a different thing appeares on paper. I always trust my sences in the process of creation". The magic ornaments remind of the practises of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda), but it is not an attempted stylisation, but the exit to the level of the collective subcounsiousness, which is common in all ethnos of all continents.

Po Lina is constantly experimenting with the teqniques. She can mix pastel and pencil and aquarelle in one paintings, but no one gets shocked by it. Her works are very harmonic and natural.Looking at these paintings one can meditate, contemplate the colour or just smile, as a little child, from happyness, such kindness and light emerge from the works of Po Lina.

Many people like the paintings, they attempt to buy them or ask for one as a gift, but Po Lina, as any artist devolted to pure creation, can not part from her creations. That is why she organized this exposition, a celebration, where evrybody has found a plenty of flowers, kindness and happyness. And no one left untouched or unhappy. Let this celebration contunue forever in the works of Po Lina, and we will silently smile waiting for the future dates with the beauty of art.

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