Her daring fantasy invites us to decorate our houses with her inimitable pictures.

          Polina Balakina is an artist who astonishes the spectator with unexpected freshness, evokes a special feeling with her colour combinations in her pictures full of freedom and devotion to beauty. She brings out our most innate feelings and impulses as those brought about by contemplating true nature, as we see her exuberant flowers and ornamnets.

         Her still life paintings vibrate with colour which travels from one object to the other creating a sensation of unity together with a scintillating movement. While contemlating her compositions we perceive that they aquire life in spite of being static in conception.

        Our surroundings full of acute angels, flat glass facades and office interiors make us yearn for curves and chromatic variety which soothe our spirit and allow our imagination to fly. Unknowingly, our subconcience aspires that kind of freedom of expression and is the only one that liberated us from external enfluences. This kind of impression can be seen in the written comments of visitors of Po Lina's exhibits.

        The artist's personal style shown in the great variety of compositions attracts the spectator by the lively colours, joy of life and cheerfulness they convey. Her daring fantasy invites us to decorate our houses with her inimitable pictures.

Natalia Novosilzov. Author of two volumes on Russian Paintings in Spanish: "La pintura rusa", (del s.XII al XIX y siglo XX), edited by Carroggio (Skira), Barcelona, 2000 and 2001.

Professor of the University Autónoma of Barcelona. December 2016. La pintura rusa, Carroggio.        

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