The discovery of Colour as a great pictoric weapon

           Polina Balakina, resident of Girona, is a young russian artist, who, animated with her great enthusiasm in art, realises now her first exhibition. She seeks for her own path and opens herself, with glowing love for Colour, in a diversity of styles and themes. I see her in a pure artisitc state, in which she doesn´t neglect anything from a vast majority of schools for she aims to create her own way of expression. She tries and achieves in everything she shows us, for it is based upon her native ability to express feelings with Colour. It can be seen in her still life with glowing vegetables, in which the unimportant turns into a afirmation of life. As well as in her original flower compositions, where the existance shoots up to later extinguish.

          I believe that we must take notice of this new artist. And we must call for persistance in the originality of art that points out in her. She has undertaken great progress towards the ideal expression and now it is time to narrow her efforts not to be lost in pursuit. She has, in my opinion, lots of possibilities. The first steps result highly positive. Many different forces influence artistic paths, but the one that initiates in her results to be very promissing. There is nothing else to be said before this first appearance in front of the public.

Josep Maria Cadena. Journalist and critic of art. October 2013. Josep Maria Cadena, Wikipedia.

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